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Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 10:34 am 1 comment


I kept meaning to put up a post about this last night, but I kept getting sidetracked… Who does homework, anyways? I made a wonderful histogram… haha. Anyways, so here I am now, with about 2 hours till my first class of the day. I LOVE my tuesdays. Why? because classes start at 11am, and end at 2pm.. And both of them are lectures. They’re just great because I can chill out and only deal with people I want to deal with. They’re rather large lecture halls, too.

The phantom co-op interview? I had spent the last week thinking it would most likely be a rotten co-op interview, because it just seemed like I’m not the type of person they were looking for, and the interviewer had sounded a bit off-my-wavelength from the phone call. It’s kind of amusing, so I’ll explain my interview experience… The only train that would get me to Ambler with enough time to walk there was incredibly early: 2:40 pm, when the interview was at 4. I had wondered; what would I do with that extra time? There were many things I could do. As is commonly the case, during my bike-ride over to the train station, I remembered that I had forgotten a very important piece of paper: my resume! I was forced to rush to the station and catch the train, so I spent that time wondering what I would do. It’s great having friends in a co-op interview town! I walked over to Ambler Skate Shop and used Christian’s computer and printer, which was awesome. Thanks Christian! Glad to see he was busy when I walked in there! I printed the resume out, only to find that the interviewer had actually gotten one from my co-op advisor. I’m glad I made the effort to get it, though – made me feel more prepared anyways.

In the interview: I met with a man named Alex, who told me that he hadn’t been working at the company for more than a few months now. This makes sense. Apparently he got flustered by the large number of co-op applicants that he received in this round, and only officially interviewed 7. I was (lucky?) number 8. For what it’s worth, I must have appeared to not know much of anything about the work that they do… It’s a plastics company, so I’d be working with organic chemistry equations, mixing solutions, and then testing the results with a number of machines. I am familiar with only the very basic part of it all! I believe I told some of you that I don’t have a love for plastics engineering before. When I got down to talking with Alex, it made great sense; I really should work with plastics in a co-op. I’d see if my intuition was correct, and it follows with my quasi-new mantra (what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger). The building I’d be working in is absolutely amazing. It has lots of sun-roofs, a library, cafeteria, is clean, has an open layout. By the end of the interview, that notion that the interviewer wasn’t on my wavelength kind of disbanded itself. After all, I did spend a little over an hour and a half with him. The other supervisors I’d be working with seemed like cheerful people as well. One last detail: he described me to the other men as “the one who really wants the job”. I was happy to see that a good impression was instilled before I even got there. Crossing fingers for about a week, now. However, he said he’d be making the decision today…

I’m getting used to writing these interview reports. However, let’s hope I don’t have to write any more for a year! Hope you all are doing great, too.



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  • 1. Jen  |  Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 8:07 pm

    Today’s co-op interview sounds like a great match for you. Thanks for the ‘interview report’! Did you tell them you are a Wissahickon graduate??!!!


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