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It has been requested that I write an entry about tonight’s adventure… And so I shall. I’d have planned on doing so anyways, but honestly I find myself at a loss for how to analyze it… more on that later.

Tonight was my friend ______’s birthday shindig. Oh- from this point she will be known as Special D (she asked that I not say her name!). Anyways, she had a bunch of friends all go to a pretty cool bar to celebrate the occasion, and it was a fun time. Being the broke college student that I am, I opted out of taking a taxi to get there and instead rode the commuter bike over- There really is something to be said about riding a bike to a bar on the other end of the city… The ride was really fun, but it was really weird, parking my bike outside the bar… Needless to say, I was the only one doing it! This went great with the evening’s theme, I’d say.

Inside the bar was pretty cool- There was even a line to get in. First time I had ever had to wait in a line for a bar. Heck, first time ever going to a bar that was popular! It had three floors, with a cover band on the second floor, and on the others it was much quieter. Most of the night, all 8 or 9 of us were on the second floor, either on the dance floor or at one of the few tables. I met some really cool friends of Special D, which was great. Most of us (me included) were all engineer-y, and as such we weren’t the most amazing dancers, haha. Through the course of the night, Special D had a bunch of drinks, which made things pretty humorous. By the time I was all into dancing (roughly midnight), another one of her friends wasn’t allowed to go back into the bar because she was too drunk! Once outside, more of the party was underway: containing Special D’s energy and balance. At that point, I really had no idea how act- everyone else in our party had things under control, which was good. It has been soo long since I’ve been around that scene, and I’d forgotten the way it all goes. What little talking I did with Special D (since she was talking to everybody) was humorous- I loved it how she kept throwing challenging words like ‘entropy’ and ‘diffusion’ into explanations of things! That’s the way an engineering student should do it! After just kindof dragging her into the car (even though she was perfectly happy to be heading back to her apt), the party continued when everyone was back in West Philly. At her apartment, controlling Special D’s energy seemed like it was still necessary. I swear though, she could still have solved any engineering/science problem thrown at her! I spent about a half hour there before realizing that I just couldn’t bear being completely sober around them all… Said goodbye to the new friends I made, and headed home.

The theme? I’ve always been someone who enjoys traveling upstream. Although I loved hearing great music, I’d sooner have been the one playing it! When hanging with the party, I found myself wanting to be different in any way that I could.. Often that meant doing things on my own. I’m not complaining, though. I just realized that I do things differently than alot of people. Anybody wanna start a band with me? You’ll just need to supply me with good guitar picks. Well, just ones that I will use..

Special D: I hope your hangover isn’t too bad! I enjoyed hanging with you and your friends! Help me learn how to deal with conformity?

Everybody: have a good one!


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