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How’s everything? I’m doing decently, I suppose. I don’t have anything particularly amazing to report, but I’m glad to be able to report whatsoever, so, I do.

At this moment I’m listening to Counting Crows- I absolutely love their old stuff! But that goes with just about anything nowadays. I’ve told you before that I am an old soul- I’m nearly confident of that statement, too. I’m glad I’ve managed all of the tough days of winter without having to buy a new jacket- but if I did end up doing so, I would go for nothing less than old army surplus- all the new, contemporary stuff isn’t designed for the temperatures and activity that I do! Patience has proved it’s worth in this situation; we really haven’t gotten horrible weather this winter in Philly.

Okay back to news… As of about 20 minutes ago, I officially withdrew from Calculus II- now, before you go worrying, I need to mention that I’ve already taken and passed the course. I was kindof forced into withdrawing though, because I realized I need to really focus on all my other classes. But, I hope to continue attending that class, just not for credit. I recently learned a particularly depressing rule that Drexel has regarding re-taking classes. Turns out, they do not delete your old grade, they just add your new grade/credits to your transcript. What does that mean for me? However great it would be to increase my GPA, the effort it would take to cause a even small increase in cumulative GPA is more than I really think is appropriate. I am just awaiting the professor’s decision about my sitting in on the class. The material is making sense to me again, if not only on the most basic level. I have talked to a lot of other students in more advanced classes, and they only remember the fundamentals of Calculus, so as long as I solidify those, I think I’ll be alright.

…Hey Mrs. Potter… (A Counting Crows song that’s currently playing)

I have just two more classes for today- Physics II and then Materials from 4 until 6. That one’s going to be interesting, because I expect to get back my midterm grade. I really don’t want to find out what I got just yet… I hope I can just look at it tomorrow, so that I am totally stuck into recovering and being a good student over this weekend. We’ll see how it all goes, eh?

I feel like this entry has been pretty boring. So- what can I do to quickly change that?


I’ll allow you to take some time now, and bask in your accomplishments!



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my procrastination = your benefit. Hey

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