Racing is back in full swing.

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Hey Everybody.

It’s been quite a weekend! As I mentioned in my last post, the past weekend I had races at Rutgers University, for the start of the collegiate racing season! In the week leading up to it, I was really excited- I made sure I had my new racing licenses, got them laminated (so they don’t fall apart from pulling it out of my wallet so much), ordered the new mount for the cyclocomputer, got that new helmet, ate somewhat well all week, and even got on the rollers twice, being sure to test out my average wattage (~185 watts over 30min?). Long story short, when Friday evening rolled ’round, I tried my hardest to get to sleep early. I was just thinking about too much stuff to get there! 8pm: no sleep. 9pm: no sleep 10pm:no sleep 11pm:no sleep. Finally after putting a movie on, I was able to pass out around 11:30. Only to wake up at: 4am.

On Saturday, I did two races; an Individual Time Trial (ITT) and a criterium (crit). Seeing as I’d never raced this division before, it took some getting used to the waiting that I had to do before my races started. I warmed up more than I needed to, but I got the job done. The ITT? Hellish. It really hurt and for the rest of the day I felt like someone had knocked the wind out of me. No pun intended, but yeah, I forgot to mention it was both cold and windy in NJ that day. We all absolutely loved just lounging in our vans. The ITT was about 2.5 miles, with two turnarounds. Oh, and those turnarounds are rough. Need to practice doing those! I finished the 2.5 miles in about 7 min, 3 seconds, roughly. The leaders of my category finished it some 25 seconds faster than me. Anyways, I placed 27th (out of roughly 45) for that one.

The Criterium? That was a slightly longer than 1 mile lap with wind, flat sections, but some rough turns. I wasn’t feeling it I guess… I tried to stay with the pack, but was denied. I was way too weak I felt… So yeah, I was dropped in lap three. By the second to last lap, I got lapped by the pack, too. That should show you how bad I did. Somehow, the results said that I came in 27th in that race too. I think they might have messed up. That day was a disappointment, and made me even wonder if i should downgrade to a lower category..

The next day, I had the Circuit Race, which was on a different part of campus. The course was amazing, the temperature was a little better (less wind!!), and everyone seemed to like this one alot more. I did too. I’m still blown away by it! I started my 14-mile race with the sincere hopes of just staying with the pack. I didn’t have any confidence in my pack skills, and even less confidence in my strength. So, I did what I really have never done before: Stayed far back in the pack. I was literally in the very back for 4 of the 7 laps! Somehow, it all just rushed back to me, and I felt confident moving up. By the final stretch, I had moved into the front 1/4 of the group. I had absolutely no problem accelerating past lots of guys in the sprint- and proceeded to finish 8th! I was blown away. Smiling still. Here are the Motionbased Cyclocomputer Stats from it. The other day, I was so tired I totally forgot to start the Garmin on both accounts.

I blame lack of sleep [regarding Saturday]. That’s my word and I’m sticking to it. I get sooo tired after these long race days. But apparently, I recover really well! Oh- and pepperoni pizza may be a reason why I placed so well on Sunday. The night before, Brett and I shared a Pepperoni pizza when we got back. I placed 8th in my division’s circuit, he WON his! And he’s in the second-hardest category. Matt Schoman won the one I was in, too! It was a great weekend for Philly schools, as Lenny from Upenn won his race as well!

Started a long season off right. More photos to come!
Gettin’ ready

Class now- I’ll be back. A new/ish friend, Phil, got an amazing shot of my circuit race finish that’ll definitely make it here!



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