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Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 6:36 pm 1 comment


Quite a weekend. I’ve been hesitating to write this post for a couple reasons, but I am glad I could get around to it I think. Ever since the moment I got back and settled into my apt on Sunday, I have been doing all sorts of school stuff. I hardly got much sleep sunday night, writing a 8-pg report for my materials class. This week, I’ve just got alot of studying and hw and papers to do. Ay carumba.

The races… I’ll keep it short because there’s not much to write really.

Saturday’s road race: The weather was horrible. utterly. I didn’t like the chances of risking danger, so I didn’t race. And when I decided that, so did the race officials- it was then turned into a criterium instead. I was just too cold to really put my heart into it. I :was: outside all day though, marshaling and helping out where it was needed most. The day went better as time progressed. Pretty soon I plan on riding out to that course and doing it regardless- I am now intrigued.

Sunday’s TTT and Circuit Race: These races I actually did. My results were not stellar: 6th or 7th out of about 9 TTT teams, and 42nd in the circuit race. The specifics: there were probably 9 teams that did the TTT, and 2 miles from the finish, I wasn’t able to keep the speed that the other riders in my team were doing. They could afford to lose me since we needed only 2 riders to finish (started with four). I was embarassed, and tired for a bit after that. In the circuit race, we did 3 laps of the 6-mile course, which had hills and flats around fairmount park. I had done it before, too. But, I somehow just didn’t have the strength to keep up with the pack. I won’t blame anything other than my muscles for that one. I was the last rider to finish (but there were probably 7 riders who did not finish). That was my first last place finish! I hope to do much more training soon. Like, when I don’t have to do homework (or at least as much).

I’ll try to fill in the gaps regarding the weekend when I can. Right now though, I just have a mind that’s elsewhere. I hope you enjoyed what I wrote, though! I’ve got two large homework assignments to do, a physics lab sheet to fix, a project to work on for my engineering experimentation class, a paper to write, the list just goes on and on.

In other news: wish EA’s robotics team good luck! They have the Chesapeake Regional Competition this Friday and Saturday. I’ll make it up on saturday, to see them win!

Have a good one-

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Saturday’s Road Race Chesapeake FRC Regional: Standings!

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  • 1. dan markgraf  |  Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 10:24 am

    This is my first posting to the site – I’m Doug’s dad and I thought that it would be appropriate to finally comment at the 50,000 hit mark, unfortunately I missed it by 28. Oh Well.

    I wish to thank everyone for their love, prayers and support over the last two years!!

    Experiencing Doug’s recovery has been a remarkable journey and Jen, Doug and I (and his brothers) couldn’t have done it without all of you.

    Like most of you, I have been a lurker to this site – but I have enjoyed it immensely. While the site has changed – its purpose has not and that is to share Doug’s story with all of you. Thank you Doug for allowing all of us to be part of your life.

    A special thanks to the person who came to us and proposed and then created the site and then wrote it and updated it until Doug could write it himself. Joe Kopena is a special person and Jen and I will be forever in his debt. He doesn’t realize how important a part he played in helping us maintain our sanity and direction. THANK YOU JOE!!!

    Doug’s life and journey continues and all I can now do is assume my role as lurker as he moves forward. God bless you Doug – Mom and I love you!!!


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