Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 9:06 am 1 comment

Yeah, am I one of those lonely souls who writes on days they should be with family? Not quite- I just haven’t taken the train to see my them yet! I couldn’t help but post a bit of text here… I’m really happy, really sore, really un-tired, all told I’m perfect.

I didn’t update at all in the past week because I had finals to worry about. And trust me, I am (hopefully just :was:) worried about that stuff. The classes I finished the term with were all a bit different, and all of them had very different ways to study. For engineering ethics, I only studied about two hours for that… For Physics and Materials and the engineering experimentation course? I studied for each of those probably 6 or 7 hours. And even those 7 hours probably should have been greater. I’ll tell you the story of the Physics final, because that has had closure: This class wasn’t too bad, really. I thought the professor was a little odd at first, but slowly began to really appreciated the way he taught… That means alot- He ended up curving when necessary! I wasn’t too sure exactly what to study for the final, so I studied everything just a bit. Probably should have practiced more problems. When I got to the final for that course, I was just kinda stuck for luck… I think I finished only about 4 of the 10 problems given.. So I figured I failed, walking out of the test at the very last moment before he was to kick us all out. I think he realized he made it a bit harder than we expected. Yeah, he curved the test. Somehow, I finished the course with a C+. Smile. Prior to my ‘break’ from schooling, I’d be upset at that grade. At this junction, I’m really happy it was so close to my goal, which was a B. Here’s to crossing fingers for the rest of the classes, right? That’s the happy part, fyi.

Really sore? Yesterday, (Saturday) I set out on the road bike in the aim for hills. I seriously climbed a bunch of the big hills in the Philadelphia area: The Manayunk Wall, Manayunk’s Ridge Ave hill (not steep but longer than the wall), Conshohocken State Rd (starts at the schyullkill river and goes up the valley to route 1), and a whole slew of hills on West Chester Road, off of it and around it… My ultimate (and slightly unachievable) goal for the day was not miles, but feet of ascent… 5700 feet. To put that into simple perspective, that’s about 500 feet more than climbing a mile vertical. Another way to put it: in the last 85-mile ride I completed (which was a bit hilly), I only did 3764 feet of ascent. Yesterday I rode only 63 miles, but climbed 4500 feet. Yeah, you can bet my legs are a bit sore today.. But that’s what I want. I really really hope that my efforts yesterday (even if just a little) increase my leg strength so that I don’t get dropped off the back of the pack at Penn State’s road race, which will be 42 miles and have 3700 feet of climbing. Yesterday’s ride was more hills than I’d rode in a long while.
Hill Training Ride Graphs

Yeah, my last word was un-tired. Other than it not really being a word, I added it because yeah, last night I got a good amount of sleep. First night in about 2 weeks, probably. Feels good.

Have you had your fill for now? I am gonna get ready to take the train now. Hope you have a great day!



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Click this: My New Sag Wagon

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  • 1. Jen  |  Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 11:16 am

    Alright Doug, inquiring minds want to see your new sag wagon!


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