Racing and co-op update

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So I don’t know how long I can afford to make this post, but I actually have reason to make it really long… Let’s see here: I did three races the past weekend, slept a little Sunday night, woke up at 5:30, went to the first day of work, then quick ran to my three-hour differential equations class… I’ve finally had some time to relax after my second day of work. Whew. It’s a good thing I’m in a good mood. : )

Starting with the weekend: Racing. Ish. Saturday’s race is the one I did all that prepping for. Well, so I thought. It turned out to be even more difficult than I expected it to be! That race was hell.. Lots of climbing, oh and some wicked descending too. Apparently there was a crash close behind me, which was bad enough to warrant a helicopter transport! The uphills seemed worse than the downhills, though. I was supposed to do two laps, but only did the one, which was 2200 ft of climbing over 21 miles. Oh, and it was very cold. I stopped mainly because I wasn’t wearing booties- my toes took 25 minutes of painful warming up to become useful, seriously.

Sunday’s races? ITT: it was a time trial. That’s all I can say. I finished dead last in my field. Criterium? It was a really cool course, that mostly everyone loved. I did too- Unfortunately though, I wussed out. I don’t know why, really. I just wasn’t on top of my game, feeling comfortable in the pack. I was on the very back of the group for most of the laps, but for the last two, it was just me and an MIT rider working together. I ended up being the last finisher in that race as well. There were a few who were pulled because they had fallen even further behind than I, but of those who completed the race, I was last. A humbling weekend, it was.

The co-op? I’m still settling in, I must say that much. But, it has it’s ups and downs. Positives: I have my own workstation with computer/desk, hours are floating (8-4:30 is what I think I’ll do), I get personalized labcoats!, the facility has a gym, most of the co-workers are cool. Negatives: the subject material is a little over my head, it’s mainly lab work (which I haven’t done in years!), I have to wake up at 5:30 each day to take the 6:30 train. We’ll see how it goes- I must say that my second day was better than my first. Maybe the third will be better than the second? I hope so.

I’m tired. I probably won’t get to sleep just yet, but it’s nice to want what your body needs, isn’t it?



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