So maybe there are positives to muscle problems?

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Yeah, I probably have a muscle issue as a result of the Broad Street Run- in no way do I regret doing it, but yeah I suppose I’m in a tiny bit of pain. During the run my left calf didn’t love all the action it was getting, and even moreso now that I’m not running. It just feels really tight, is almost the best way to put it. I can totally hack it but I think I’ve gotta go easy on it until I heal fully. That won’t stop me from celebrating the ‘holidays’ this week though!

This week is national Bike-to-Work Week! I’ll be attempting to ride to work (a mere 22 miles away) every day. It’ll be a challenge, for sure.

Enough of that fangled sports talk… Yesterday I did hardly any true sport-y stuff. Made me feel good, somehow. I went up to the Pennsylvania Robot Challenge, the 11th edition of the event. It was an off-season robotics competition that the team I help mentor (and my old team, 341) competed at. Going to that event is just wacky in some ways… I am such an old-head with robotics. I nearly walked up to the announcers’ table and told them to turn up the music at one time, to give you an example.. I had always thought of PARC to be exciting, and at random points of the day, it was very low-key. But it ramped up, of course. 2234 (my team) did very well! At the end of the qualification rounds, they were in 3rd place. That gave them the ability to be the third alliance captain and to be third to pick their partner(s). They managed to make it to the semifinals, after a whole load of matches (ties ties and more ties). I’m glad they had something to come home talking about.

But it’s not all peaches and cream… I’ve been helping with robotics for so long and you know what I do it for? FIRST stands for ‘For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology’… I’d say I want to do more of the I in the acronym. I might have that chance, and I’m kinda excited about it. However, I have to find out how and where I can make the most positive change, where I should have that thing called ‘determination’ and where I should have that thing called ‘resignation’… Heck, those two words are quite substantially the theme of the past year or so. Give me advice?

Yesterday I woke up at 4:30am (after sleeping for just 3 hrs), rode 14 miles to Conshohocken, met up with the team, 2.5 hr ride to Tunkhannock, competed, got home after the 2.5-hr ride, took :train: back to philly, then went to a hang-out that my friend Andy was having until 12:30am or so! I dunno what’s wrong with me… I was tired as all get out for the majority of the day, but was still bouncing around and yelling and doing whatever I had to do. And oh I talked with some really interesting people. I only mention this because it’s relevant to this blog: met a woman there whose sons are cyclists, in engineering curriculums, and whose husband (before they met) had a TBI and spent a week in a coma. Oh- and she has a friend who had a goal to ride his bike coast-to-coast in 15 days. Did it in 20, which is amazing. I have a friend at uPenn who’s doing it in 2 months. Look out for the guy’s book about his experience, though~

It’s a great day out- and I shouldn’t go out and ride. It’s very sad. I :can: do anything I want, but it will just hurt, haha.

One last thing funny thing: should anyone ask what the scar on my throat is, I figured out what my response will be: I was stabbed in the neck! : ) Hahaha.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!



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