I’ve figured it out!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 9:23 pm Leave a comment

You know how I did the Broad Street Run? And then directly afterwards, I was in a good bit of pain? Umm, I mean :still am: in a bit of pain… Doesn’t matter. I’ve discovered that cycling is the perfect counterpart to running and vice versa. What I think I’ll do is (at least at first) keep off the running shoes until my legs fully recover, then once they do, I’ll do another wicked run or bunch of runs (and beat myself up again) and then do alot of cycling in that next period. It’ll probably work out brilliantly.

Yeah, so I’m still cooling down from this evening’s 30 miles. Yes, you got it, I got home from work and did 30 miles. I got back into my apartment at 8:45pm (I visited some friends in there somewhere, too) and am just really happy with how that all went. I feel like I’m stronger, but who knows if that’s really the case, considering I think I had a tailwind for a while, and I haven’t analyzed my ride stats yet. I’ll do it for this one- I rode the wall, did a lap of the drives (B group, and looked like a total jerk to people I know well and don’t know at the same time), and just hot-dogged everywhere.

In a minute, when I stand up, I’ll feel my running pains; the bike feels great though!

OK that’s all the athleticism I think you can stand for this entry. I’m desperately trying to limit it, for those of you who may not have noticed. Hmm in other news..

Lately things have just made more sense- I really can’t explain it. At least with one person, I’ve felt like being more upfront/open. I view this as a great thing, despite it also being a negative effect of TBI. If I can say exactly what I’m thinking with everyone, it should make me not have to work harder (me being so independent, that is). But, in the case that I will vaguely present to you as my example, that may not have worked out the way I hoped… I actually told a friend of mine that I have feelings for her, and go figure, I haven’t heard from her since I sent the message. [No, I’m not that shallow, it’s how we usually manage to communicate, seriously!] There’s really nothing to be said here other than that I’m a little taken aback- not in that my feelings were not returned, but that she doesn’t mind the awkwardness! You heard it correctly- I’ve developed to the point that I’d much rather say what I’m thinking than let my curiosity drive me. [update: she did get back to me last night (while i slept no less). she had that schoolwork thing to do, apparently. Awkwardness avoided!]

Don’t get me wrong, curiosity still has it’s role! Lately I’ve had the awakening with guitar where I :finally: am paying attention to the music theory behind the notes I’m playing! It doesn’t make my playing sound any better yet, but it will, I think. I’m still working on making it so I can record my music and upload it here, if it’s good enough. That’ll take some time though.

Okay I have written more than I think I needed. Clearly I think you can see I’m on a high from having done a great ride. This shows that you really need to force me into riding on days that aren’t going too well otherwise..

Have a good one-


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