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Yeah, I’m a day late writing a post here!  I did a pretty good job staying busy yesterday.  Do you happen to remember what yesterday’s significance was?  Well, of course, in 1859, the clocktower, Big Ben, began telling time! It also marks the beginning of the Reign of Terror in France, when thousands of people were hanged at the guillotine during the French Revolution…  Or, it could be the day that marks the reason for this blog’s existence? Clearly, that is a very minor piece of history. I like it to diminish in significance as each year passes.

Yesterday, I desperately tried to wake up late (I had stayed up until 4am the prior night!), then prepped for my annual ride. Sounds like a huge event, doesn’t it? I’m a pretty independent person/rider, so my ride was pretty much no different than any other. It rained off and on all day! I love riding in warm rain, even if it’s a bit more dangerous. Ridge Avenue, going towards Conshohocken, is really not very safe… Two years ago I wouldn’t have been fazed… Maybe even on any other day, I wouldn’t be? Further into my ride, I was forced to skid in order to not hit a car which had stopped suddenly- it made for an interesting remaining 7 miles! I had never been a lazy bum, but I tested my faith when 7 miles from my destination, I noticed air leaking pretty quickly from my rear tire. Instead of fixing the tube/tire, I decided to test my CO_2_ inflator’s worth and just keep inflating the tire every mile and a half. It worked! I made those last miles a time trial, so as not to :actually: have a flat tire. : )

After visiting my parents and family at home for a little, I met with my friend Catherine and we took a road trip! I had noticed a month ago that Mike Doughty (a fav artist of mine, check his music out~) would be playing at a bar in Harrisburg, and figured it’d make for a fun day. The 2-hour drive each way made it a fun little journey, hehe. Cat and I enjoyed the show, which was a little odd. Well, that’s just like Mike to do that… I had read his blog every now and again, which kindof shows how weird he can be. We drove out to Harrisburg for a 45-min stint of Mike playing the songs he’s written- then, after WXPN stopped broadcasting his performance, he came back and proceeded to ‘spin’ (DJ) onstage. I was just like, ‘is that the same guy? is he getting back to playing??’  I wasn’t upset, as it was a free show, but it’s a cool thing to look back on. I had fun hanging with Catherine, and I think we’ll hang out more this summer. She has a performance coming up at the Tin Angel, which she’s just recently put Sean Lee on the bill for as well! I strongly suggest everyone check it out. You bet, as soon as I can either remember the date or find it out, I’ll post that up here. Or, check out www.catherinetuttle.com and maybe she has it listed there!

I do need to get more sleep than I’m getting lately- it would help if I would just stop doing things late into the night, but I love being busy! Work’s going pretty well, just doing my job, hopefully well… I don’t think my supervisor thinks I’m too smart. But, I get my job done. I’m loving the weather nowadays! Let me know when you’d like to do a century ride with me, k?   I should get to making dinner and continuing to organize and clean my room. Have a good one!



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Ride of Silence Hey There.

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  • 1. Little Doug  |  Monday, June 9, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Mike spun? haha that must have been fun, you told me nothing about it, so please do yes?

    we need to do something together soon i feel like your some sort of recluse….or maybe i am…?

    Either way….unrecluse me.


  • 2. dan markgraf  |  Wednesday, June 18, 2008 at 12:09 am

    It’s now been 17 days since your last post – no wonder your counter numbers are going up – What’s up – lazy or is it something or someone else?

  • 3. Jen Markgraf  |  Monday, June 30, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    Well now, its been ONE MONTH since your last posting……nothing is new or newsworthy??!!??? I’ve received inquiries from those who want to be ‘in the know’!!!!!! 🙂


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