Philadelphia Marathon Summary

Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 7:53 pm 1 comment

Hey everybody~

As I had said, I did go to the marathon. But, just like the year prior’s event, I decided to be a volunteer. After all, my safety and my health and all that is most important, right? When I look back on my decision, I know it is the correct one, but it was a hard one. It was a good day.

Today, I was a waterboy!  I had always wondered what it was like to help run a water station, so that’s what I did. I was located at water station #7, conveniently located right after the marathon’s start line, for mile 13.5 of the full marathon. It was indeed confusing with there being three events taking place at the same time: the 8k run, the half-marathon, and the marathon. I’d say we helped get about 13,000 runners stay hydrated over the course of the 4 hours we were running the station.

The fun thing about the team of water-(and gatorade)people at our station included this blog’s founder’s girlfriend, Caitlin! I was glad to know someone at the marathon, considering I had signed up expecting to not know anyone amongst the (posted) Villanova group who were set up to help there.  In addition to Caitlin being there, she also brought a colleague of hers, and some of her students. I really enjoyed talking with Caitlin’s colleague, a teacher at a great public school here in Philadelphia. Made me feel better to hear that there are teachers who are willing to move to Philly JUST to work at the school, which she said almost seems like a United Nations summit, with the wide variety of nationalities in the school. I’ll likely be working at an inner-city school after I graduate, and it’s really helpful to hear that ‘difficult’ and ‘aggrivating’ are not mandatory words that must be used to describe them.  The school: Science Leadership Academy.

Working at the water station was great while I was busy, no doubt. After things began to taper down and fewer walkers needed our help, a group of us got some food and checked out the finishing-line situation/festivities. It was at that point that I really felt upset about the last few months I’ve trained for an event that I didn’t even do. I’m not one of those people who likes to take 2 steps forward and 1 step back… And I don’t plan to give up on my hope to finish a marathon (in 3:14, of course).  I talked with some nice people at the marathon expo yesterday advertising the SunTrust National Marathon in Washington DC.  I should recover by March 21st, what do you think? And, of course, it’s a Boston Qualifier..

I hope all of you have a good one! Don’t injure yourself, like I am so apt to do, k?



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Injury is not fun. I rode 26 miles on Friday!

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  • 1. Alison  |  Friday, April 10, 2009 at 8:45 am

    So this is really late (but hey i don’t think i knew you had this blog until last night from facebook) but I’m glad you picked to volunteer! Not only so you didn’t injure yourself more, but also for the inspiration you seemed to get from it and because i got to meet you 🙂 I’m glad Ms Laufenberg has shown you that city schools can be great! People so often think that urban schools are horrible and no one wants to teach there. I hope that you get to student teach at SLA!
    Also nice photos! sorry that the one of you is so washed out! (not one of my better ones :/ )


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