I rode 26 miles on Friday!

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Hey people.

I hope you all had a wonderful, pleasant Thanksgiving holiday. And for those of you who had a number of days for your vacation, I hope that was great too!

I can only hope a number of you had a vacation that was actually a vacation.. My Friday, Saturday and Sunday (and halfway through Monday, today) was spent working on two projects that are due today. Whoooeeeeee! I’m very glad to be able to say that thankfully, I’m finished them. Well, mostly of course.  Both projects were for Education classes, Foundations, and Geography.

Geography: I wrote a group of lesson plans that go together to make up an Integrate Unit. The unit topic: The Wissahickon Valley Park. How has the Philadelphia region benefitted from the Wissahickon Valley throughout its history?  Is the Wissahickon Valley Park worth preserving? Why?   These questions form the backbone for what I planned the unit about. It even included a field trip to the Wissahickon  Environmental Center to learn about the purposes and benefits of Watersheds.  Tonight, I have to present the plan, along with supplementary materials (outline, test, permission slip, poetry about the Wiss). I don’t think it’s possible to be expected to make 48 hours worth of planning and work explainable in 15 minutes. Shrug.

BUT! I had to get my butt to the Wissahickon Environmental Center in order to pick up a packet that an instructor/staff member prepared for me, on Friday. So, I got off my butt and did what I comes second-nature to me: I rode Nikki, my road bike there! I had to lower the saddle so that I could pedal without causing pain in my right ankle, but I did it!  I thought that even after just a few miles, I’d start feeling ankle pain or pain in the arch of my foot (which I had to put all the force into to ride comfortably). Well, 13 miles each way was no problem, and that made me feel amazing. It had seriously been 2 months since I did any riding with a purely athletic goal in mind! And I needed it, I was starting to get loopy.

Foundations of Education: I interviewed a teacher and a principal at my old high school about current, important topics of public schooling, and then had to write a 10-12 page paper about the School, Community, and issues. Honestly, I spent more time worrying about the details of the project than I did working on it. I’m glad I was forced to think and talk about being a teacher – with teachers-.  Mr. Dixon rocks.

I’m doing not one but :two: photo ‘projects’ right now. Therefore, I have to show two photos off, right?

Rt 76 / 30th Street

Rt 76 / 30th Street

New meets Old

New meets Old

Alright I should probably prepare for this darn presentation I have in an hour or so..  Let me know if you’d like to join a photo project Flickr group that I’ve started with some friends of mine! Perhaps I’ll explain and link it at a later date.



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