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I haven’t updated in a long while. This type of while seriously was long! I have tried in the past to actually update, but as of late I haven’t updated and Dougtales had actually slipped my mind.. I know it’s perfectly acceptable, but at any rate I really enjoy things that are constant and predictable, and when I know others are involved, even moreso!

I have been waking up quite early lately, and sometimes I’m able to get back to sleep, sometimes I just open up the computer… You can tell which of the two I chose today. On some rare occasions I grab my guitar (or mandolin) though, that’s fun.

So yeah, the Winter Term has ended last friday, and I’m on my week off. I have gotten my grades back for the term, and I’m happy about all of them~ 5 A’s, and I passed organic chemistry II! Yes, that grade was certainly not an A, but it’s good enough, I think. My GPA continues to rise, even while I accumulate outrageous amounts of credits to my transcript. I checked this morning, and it appears that I have Senior status, for registration purposes. That means that by Drexel’s expectations with the number of credits I have amassed, I should be a senior! And yes, I should be. But am I? NO!  Yeah, it really frustrates me. The latest word was that I have more than a year left in my studies, now… I just don’t know how I can spread my enthusiasm over that long a time, after I’ve already spread it so thin.  Suggestions?

Columbia Grant's Tomb Criterium

It’s race season.. on two fronts! I’ve been going to collegiate bike races with Drexel Cycling Team each weekend lately, which has been fun. As you can see in the photo, I’m just barely hanging on, but I’m building up my strength so it’s all good. I’m not really sure how many more race weekends I’ll be able to go to, what with my plans of running in the New Jersey Marathon, on May 3rd.  This past Tuesday, I ran 11.5 miles, but I need to be at the 15-mile mark by this time!

This weekend’s bike races: In Philadelphia! I will be helping set up, volunteer, and race in this year’s Philly Phlyer, the collegiate race weekend that Drexel, University of Pennsylvania, Temple, and a few other teams help put together. This year’s races will all be in Fairmount Park this year, so that means I should see you cheering me on! If you’d like lots of information, check out the website: https://2009phillyphlyer.pbwiki.com/ .  We can still use some volunteers, so if you plan on going and think you wanna be on my ‘awesomest person list’ send me a message, and quick!  The races will be running all day on Saturday and Sunday. Get ready for the action! …And for me to NOT crash…

Team 2234 at Chesapeake Regional

Last weekend, I also went to both the Chesapeake Regional Robotics Competition, and the Philadelphia one! Robotics regionals are happening each week, and my teams’ were last weekend. It was a fun time, and I hope I was at least a tiny bit helpful. Next up is the Championship Event, in Atlanta, GA. Yeah, I’ll be going to that, April 16th – 18th. GO 2234, GO 341!

English Ivy

As is good tradition, I have included a cool photo I took recently. English Ivy, an invasive, non-local vine/ivy that you see alot of in this region. It looks great on walls, but be careful when it’s strangling trees like this!

I had other things to talk about, but I suppose I have made a good post already? I’ll be back here, soon enough!

Enjoy the warmer weather- ride, run, help me get good at swimming!  Or just leave a comment, making it so that I vow to visit you at some point or another!



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