It’s May~

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Hey Everybody~

Sorry I took a while to update… I have been staying very busy lately. As standard, I’m running, riding, racing, playing music, doing schoolwork, volunteering here and there, and Haroon and I still swear we’re going to go back to the rock gym soon… At any rate I just mean to say that I time is moving and I don’t mean to leave you out necessarily..

I’ll first update with photos. Click on one (or two) to read their captions or see larger images.

I kindof wish I had more photos of myself and things I’ve been doing lately. For example, last weekend I traveled to just north of Boston to race at the collegiate road bike races that MIT held. I had a great time, and I didn’t crash! Placed 29th out of 55 starters for the D-category road race (27 miles) and 14th of 51 starters for the criterium the following day. I took photos, but there are none of me racing! I hope that someone else on the team took some. Everyone had good spirits despite some unfortunate luck in races, and the ride back was a load of fun.

Evan, do you remember that 30″ tv that you gave me when I moved out of Abington?? Up until last night, I owned a pretty cool Magnavox CRT television that I hardly ever used. The main reason it didn’t get use was because it stopped working on me.. So something had to be done, you know? Adding gravity’s acceleration (9.81 m/s/s) to the fate of my broken TV, I had some friends over last night to wish the TV a good trip- From the roof of my 3-story apartment/house! Soon enough, you’ll see video of the action! Very cool. Vacuum tubes are loud when they break.

I’ve also been helping out a decent amount with Drexel’s ‘Circle K’ group, whose purpose is to be a college version of Kiwanis, lending a hand and volunteering at every opportunity we get. In just a few hours, I’ll be headed down to Drexel to help with a weekly program for elementary school students to learn about fun science/physics/aviation things. We’ll be going into detail about helicopters today. And yes, the remote-control helicopter I got for Christmas is absolutely going to be brought out~

Alright, I suppose I’ve added about enough for now. Have a good one! And finally, wish me good luck at the Broad Street Run tomorrow, my repeat-performance of the ten-mile race that caused last year’s first-ever running injury!
Warm weather is wonderful.



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