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Hey everybody-

Are you having a good week? It being Monday (otherwards known as Funday), I know that may be a difficult question, but it’s best to start things off strong. It’s often hit-or-miss regarding my Mondays [this term] because of my 9am Organic Chemistry Lab that I have. Waking up at 7:30 on a Monday morning while the rest of your house is asleep and enjoying their lack of schoolwork (as graduates!) is a bit odd. But, at the end of the day, I feel like I’ve gotten things done while my housemates slept!

No, this isn’t a blog post about the vast differences between me and other people. It’s just an update, while I’m in a good mood.  First off: I’m listening to Of Montreal, a band that my brother added to my iTunes last week. (Thanks Zach!) Listening to new music is a real treat. I’d love to say that these past few days have been more musical than normal, but I am not quite sure that’s true. At any rate, I’ll explain why they’ve been music-filled!

Gorgas Park (Roxborough) Music!
On Saturday night I got to see some awesome free music performed in Roxborough! 4-Way Street (!), Ben Arnold, Wissahickon Chicken Shack,  Jim Boggia, Adrien Reju and more!

– So I dunno, it seems like every single time I play guitar, I end up coming up with a cool riff or two. A true songwriter would record and write lyrics to this music, but hey, I’m not that good? I spent some time playing my acoustic guitar (Natalie) on the roof deck and was just so in the mood and loving every note I played.  🙂

Yes, new music~
So as I said, Zach gave me some new music for me to enjoy. Granted, it’s taking a good amount of time for me get around to listening to most of it, but it’s fun to throw the music on ‘shuffle’ and see what pops up.

So that’s the music front… What else am I up to? I’ve been trying to get random things all straightened out. I’m back to doing some things with Circle K (volunteering) but am also planning an event! I have started working with a housing community in West Philly, planning an event for a special week they’ll be having. I’m going to show the kids who live in the area the exciting robotics world! As such, I’ve been asking people for help with it and trying to make sure there will be funds and whatnot. Very cool.

And of course I’m exercising and running and riding and things all the time. Weird, my muscles have been quite sore ever since I did a hill-repeat session with my friend Alison last Thursday. I guess it’d be effective to actually allow my muscles to heal from that, instead of riding every other day regardless. The muscles will recover in time, right?  I am at the point when I need to do another 14 or 15-mile run soon. Feel like joining me?   There’s talk of my doing an orienteering marathon 3 weeks after I complete the Philadelphia marathon, by the way. I love challenges.

Classes are going pretty smoothly. I’m really happy that my chemistry lab that I had this morning (9-12) went really smoothly. Here’s to hoping that Wednesday’s lab will go smoothly as well…

Random Photo of the Post:

Obama in the Window

Alrighty, I have made you read enough. If my buddies in Europe are reading this, please say hello to me with a comment! Let’s wish Zach and Alison a great time!



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Met with Saul Raisin today! Am I organized?

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