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Hey everybody-

Sorry I’ve been so slow adding another post or two.  First off, I’d like to say thanks to Orlin, who was able to give me an awesome pair of Brooks shoes that were hardly used. It’s so awesome having friends who also run and are going to be doing the Philadelphia marathon as well. I’ll see you all there, hopefully!

So since my last post, I’ve been doing some stuff that’s not too regular for me. Largely, I moved back to my parents’ house in Abington for the month of August, to save some money in between leases. I got a monthly septa train pass, which means that I can take the train whenever I need without worry of buying tickets. Yeah, I feel special. Don’t get me wrong, the pass was expensive, but it makes it so that taking the train twice today is no problem!  I am really only home in Abington in the evenings, and I spend a lot more time at the library now than I used to.

While at the library I found myself reading the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)’s journal, Science. Never before have I read a magazine or what have you, and actually had a hard time staying focused! The journal is jam-packed with articles and papers about all kinds of different scientific information, which leaves me reading ahead and not being able to pin myself into any one page. I just keep wanting to read it all! Needless to say, I want to become a member and subscribe to the journal.

Another staple since I last updated was that the robotics demonstration/seminar that I had been planning happened this past Thursday. It went great! Thanks a lot to Gloria Finney and all the members of Wissahickon HS’s robotics team for helping make it great. We had maybe ten kids who lived at Center Post Village Apartments come and drive the robot and learn about it all, and it seemed like they all had a lot of fun. One or two of them really wanted to build a robot and take it home with them! But, they did get robot driver’s licenses, which was pretty cool. I hope I can help some of the kids who really liked it join a program in their area. I might need to start one up. We’ll see what comes about.

My schedule just gets more packed as time progresses, eh? I’ve been enjoying playing mandolin lately, and was happy to pick up Natalie (my acoustic guitar) for a little bit today. Next weekend, I’ll be volunteering at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, which I’m really excited about! There will be a ton of artists playing that I’m dying to watch, and I figured I’d list them for you:

Iron and Wine  (I was instantly hooked on the two albums I have of this)
Adrien Reju (can I marry you?)
SloMo (with Mic Wrecka of course)
Works Progress Administration (members of Nickel Creek!)
Wissahickon Chicken Shack (Philadelphia bluegrass band)
Enter the Haggis  (Alison loves them, so I must see)

Let me know if you’re going to the festival as well! I’ll be working in the camp office, and camping there too. It will be a new experience for me, and I can’t wait.

Well that’s all for now. I hope all of you are doing great.



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I need new shoes. Heylo

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