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Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 11:15 pm 1 comment


So there are lots of things that I should update you on- I suppose I always wait until everything compounds/builds on itself.

Moving backwards in time.

This afternoon/evening, I got out and did a great run! I met up with some of SLA’s cross-country team, and had a chance to practice some 400-meter sprints; I enjoyed doing that! I’m not a sprinter, and I know this. But, I am not horrible either- I can run 1/4 mile in 74 seconds. If I could keep up that pace over the course of a mile, that would mean being able to run it in just under 5 minutes! Watch out, I’m going to experiment with this idea. I finished my third sprint, and then just kept running on Kelly Drive. Yes, I felt like a hotshot doing it, but it was much harder than I thought it’d be. At any rate, by the time I had finished my run this evening, I had ran ten miles. I’m pleased.

Prior to my run, I had gotten back from my ‘first’ day of pre-student teaching at Science Leadership Academy (SLA). I put first in quotes because this day will not count towards the 15 hours each week that I am required to be at SLA; however, it’s pretty important to make a good, solid impression on students. So, I made it a requirement of mine that I attended SLA’s first day of classes. This was a really great thing, and I ended the day with a smile on my face. As each period (or block, as they call them there) ended, I felt better about the experience that I would have. There is a large amount of unspoken activity in the classroom, which you can only be prepared for by being there. And when I say unspoken, I mean that you can’t be taught about it. I started the day nervous and wary of my tendency to be rather unprofessional. And yes, by the end of the day I realized that my ‘unprofessional’ tendency is exactly what makes me personable. There are phrases I have to force myself not to say, but essentially, I’m on the right track. As long as I’m helpful and friendly in the classroom, I’m doing a great job and learning. Oh, and I think I’ll want to brush up on my Anatomy and Physiology. Er wait, I want to officially learn it, haha.  I can easily see myself teaching it.’Twas a good day. I look forward to being there in two weeks when I begin the Fall term (and the pressure really builds up).

I’ve recently become an official School District of Philadelphia employee. I have an intern position, and am helping out with the Office of High School Reform. Specifically, I’m helping prepare for numerous robotics competitions that Philadelphia schools are participating in for the coming year. It’s very cool to know that I’m helping run events like the ones that I had focused on so intently during my high school years. I’m merely dealing with lots of paperwork and ordering and things right now, but soon enough I’ll get my hands dirty, I promise. I can’t wait to visit some robotics teams in action after the kick-off event on the 26th! Phila SD ID

At the beginning of last week, I moved back into Philly, for my new apartment near Clark Park in University City. It’s great to have all of my things organized and in place! I can actually find things that I need now! It’s a big house, which everyone I’ve shown it to absolutely loves. I think it’s a great house as well. But, it’s missing something as of yet… Maybe it’s missing a roof-deck. Or a trampoline. My bedroom is larger than my last one, and my bed (thanks Brandon for the futon!) as well. I had tried to take some photos of the room for you, but I gave up trying after two attempts yielded really grainy photos. This was probably due to the lightbulbs and lack of natural light in the room, because it was after dark. As soon as I have the photos, I’ll be sure to keep with the habit and post them!

Lastly: Last week was Finals week for the Summer term at Drexel. All of my finals seemed to have gone as well as I hoped them to go. Mainly, the best news I have received in a while is that I passed Calculus III! Aside from that, I ended up receiving a B in Organic Chemistry Laboratory, an A- in Educational Psychology, and an A in Current Research of Curriculum and Instruction. So, it was a great term overall. I’m glad I can finish worrying about taking Calculus. It’s done, I’m through with it. Deep breath.

Alright that’s all I have for you. Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment on any of it!


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  • 1. Alison  |  Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 10:14 am

    Haha you wish you were done with Calc. But i’m sorry I remember someone saying they would be tutoring me in math…
    Glad you enjoyed your first day at SLA. And yes i know i’m late with all of this but hey I just started Senior year, its been a bit crazy!


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