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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 at 7:40 am Leave a comment

Hey Everyone-

First I must do my shoutout: Go Phillies! Yesterday’s win was definitely awesome. Go Utley! And for Wednesday: Go Martinez! I’m voting for Pedro for game six. Are you?

So you got it, I’ve been awake since maybe 1:30am this morning. Who knows why.. Shrug. When my brain starts working, it’s really quite difficult to make it stop again. I even put on a movie to distract myself (I do this very often) and it only made me think even more! I watched ‘August Rush’, which is a great movie based around one of my very favorite movie topics: music. At random times yesterday, I picked up my acoustic and my mandolin and came up with fun riffs/progressions to play. So you can imagine, watching a movie about music might have even sped up the speed of my neurons a little. [On a side note, Oliver Sachs’ Musicophilia book did absolutely nothing to make me want to keep both reading or playing music. I couldn’t get past the part about musical seizures, if I recall.]

Lately I’ve been nothing short of a bit of a mess. I’m keeping quite busy, some of which with the hopes of generating enough funds to pay rent, bills, and lastly, food. It’s really difficult to focus on things like school when I’m grasping at straws, trying to get my Drexel financial woes in order. I’m getting lots of help from lots of people, so I don’t even know who to blame. Alas, I’ll do what every student at Drexel does: I’ll blame Drexel. Around 9 or 10 this morning, I will be heading over there to wrangle up some advising. Or advice. Or best yet, some help!

This is one of the random, rare posts when I’m actually somewhat negative with what I’m writing. I know this. I think every now and then it’s good to let down my guard just a little.

I’ve been using the phrase, “It’s my nature to…” alot. I’m not going to change it anytime soon. That being said, I can’t end this post negatively~

I like orange shirts lately~

Have a good one,




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