I’m becoming mainstream

Friday, November 27, 2009 at 2:35 pm Leave a comment

Hey everybody-

Know what I’ve been realizing lately? Well, it’s always in the back of my mind, but still… I’m so separated from that majority of people! I’ve gotten outrageously-good at being myself, and pretty bad at doing things that other people do.


-It took me until the age of 24 to see value in shaving and dressing in things other than t-shirts
– While I know how to drive, I don’t really want a car; when I drive, being unable to find parking is a large detractor
– I read scientific journals and online comics like XKCD.com, but I don’t read normal novels
– I don’t own a TV

The list would go on if I felt like thinking harder. The bottom line? I am beginning to try stepping back into the normal world. I’m reading a popular novel (which I’m embarrassed to disclose of!), and I made myself a Twitter account yesterday!  I knew some people would enjoy seeing what I tweet, so I decided to make a post about it.

My Twitter page: http://twitter.com/dmarkgraf

Every so often I learn about something that I’m excited to tell people about. My twitter will be chocked full of things like that. And we’ll see what else.

I should probably update you all on the rest of what I’m up to, eh? This past week was the last official week that I was doing my pre-student teaching at Science Leadership Academy. In addition to that, it was the second official week that I’m truly employed by the School District of Philadelphia, as an intern in the Secondary Robotics Initiative. I’m currently spending alot of my time in the office preparing for the Greater Philadelphia FIRST Lego League tournament that we hold each year. It’s so much fun to get paid to build Lego field parts!

'Smart Move' Field components



It was also the second-to-last week of classes for the Fall term at Drexel. That means that it’ll be the last Fall term at Drexel that I ever have again! It is also the fifth-straight term that I’ve been in classes since my last co-op. I think it’s humorous to mention that when I graduate, I’ll have essentially gotten a 4-year degree in two years, since I transferred out of Engineering.  Last weekend, I unofficially ran in the Philadelphia Half-marathon, easily racking up 17 miles of running that Sunday morning.  I had hoped I could try for a full 26.2 miles, but I noticed very quickly that I was not in shape for it.  Oh well, I’ll keep training to do a marathon in the Spring.  In this past year alone, I have ran over 400 miles. Yippee.  I’m really happy to mention that I fixed my mountain bike and I had a chance to do a ride with Joe last weekend. He’s the best.

What’s in the future? Well, I’m really looking forward to getting a new laptop. Why? I realized it’ll be outrageously-useful for me as a teacher! The ironic thing is that I seriously want an Apple Macbook Air, but I’ve decided that wouldn’t be smart for someone teaching in Philadelphia. Oh and there are plenty of people who notice that I don’t do many smart things (I ride my bike during rush hour, run half-marathons with no training, have a pretty unbalanced diet…). But, I’m living. Are you??

Check out my twitter. Friend me/follow me. I’ll do the same for you. Oh, and try to somehow get me to start liking coffee – that’s another way I can become mainstream, no?



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I use too many exclamation points in my posts. Dot dot dot

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