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Hey everybody~

Got lots of little bits that I should mention in today’s blog entry, so it’ll be fairly scattered around. But it’ll still be fun to read, I swear!

First off: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope your New Year’s celebrations were an excellent way to welcome the new ‘teens’ decade. I’m looking forward to 2010 being a year full of dynamic changes in my surroundings and myself. Yes, this means that by December 31, 2010, I will have transformed into the incredible Hulk~

You may have noticed the title of this post: No more Dougtales entries on Facebook. I spent what, another year with them being uploaded to Facebook? I did so because I wanted everyone to know that I had a blog and how to find it. I think everyone now knows that I have Dougtales. And if you have been using Facebook to let you know when I’ve updated, I’ll suggest that you subscribe to the RSS feed that I have posted a link to on the right. The reason I’m making it so that Dougtales doesn’t get imported to Facebook is because I don’t want to use F-book as a crutch, and I also don’t want to make lots of people think that I’m just trying to draw attention to myself. I use Dougtales to update myself and others on what I’m doing; if you want to know, awesome! If you’d like me to continue uploading Dougtales posts to F-book, leave a comment on this post telling me so!

I’ve made it so that my Twitter feed (previous 2 tweets) are visible on the right side of the main page of Dougtales. I hope you enjoy what I have to say there. It’ll be like ‘abridged’ Dougtales for you.  Follow me if you’re on Twitter, too~

I really wanted to actually post this entry to tell you what’s been running through my mind lately.. I know, so unusual..  What’s the topic? My renaissance man tendencies. I had a discussion with a close friend of mine earlier today about whether my involvement/enjoyment in such a varied number of activities is a good thing or not. She thinks it’s not a good thing, and that I’ll eventually “burn out”.  I won’t even try to make it seem as though I’m devaluing her opinion, though. I have always kept that in the back of my mind, more or less stifling it. I love being able to do a billion things, you know? I sometimes forget about different hobbies or skills that I have, because they’re so numerous. And let’s get this straight: it’s come to my attention that this may not be an admirable quality. What say you? Many people have fewer passions and they accomplish more things doing less. Should I follow suit? Should I throw some of my ‘loves’ by the wayside? And if so, how should I do that?  Is it even possible?

This morning (at 8:00 am) my friend Orlin and I did a great ride! I’m really happy to be spending more time on the bike lately, even with the freezing cold temperatures. Today’s ride was almost like a repeat of the ride we did earlier this Tuesday morning, which had frigid windchill temperatures.  Despite some less-than-ideal conditions, I rode my butt 28 miles, on lots of hills and even into a cemetery. Oh, and we couldn’t find our way out of the cemetery at one point, too!  We considered scaling fences or squeezing through bars, to save from having to head back the way we came. We just turned ’round when our attempts were hopeless, of course.   Orlin’s just as crazy as I am, equating to snow rides, graveyard escapes, and who knows what else. To see this (and all of my rides), favorite my Garmin Connect RSS feed.

Yesterday I went to the 2010 Mummer’s Parade, which was awesome. I was actually there to see the end, which I’m so glad I did. The Strings bands were amazing. If the parade is still happening next year, make your way over to South Broad Street and check it out! Or ya know, watch on TV (something that I don’t own..).

The 2010 Philadelphia FIRST LEGO League Tournament is coming up on January 30th at the University of Pennsylvania’s Irvine Auditorium! I’ve been helping plan for this event, in addition to helping teams prepare for it. For more information about the event, check out the Secondary Robotics Initiative website. Perhaps you’d like to see some bright middle school students compete with the robots that they have built and programmed! I’m an intern with SRI, which is a part of the School District of Philadelphia’s Office of High School Reform. Talk about an amazing way to prepare to be a teacher and robotics coach in Philadelphia!

Alright that’s all I have for now. As is standard, I’ll update with a photo.

Until next time,



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310XT: First Ride today First State FIRST LEGO League (FS FLL) Qualifier Event

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