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Hey Everybody-

It has been requested that I give a summary of the race I did yesterday; try to stick with me as my sore body attempts to do just that, in an unbiased manner!

Yesterday, I attended and competed in the 2010 first Pickle Run of the year. The Pickle Run is an event that was started and ran by an alumni of Drexel Cycling Team, so we’ve been kept ‘in the know’ about the event for a while. Essentially, it’s just like any other running race in that you want to run it in the fastest time. However, you also have the chance to guess what time you will finish your race in. Awards are given for the people who come closest to their predicted time (a few people were 1 second off!) and also to a few who were the very furthest off from their predicted time. Why’s it called the ‘Pickle Run’? Well I’m not sure why it started, but the idea is that you run the course and keep your eyes peeled for pickles that the organizers have hidden on the way. If you are lucky and find one, you win a prize! And to top that off, one of the organizers runs the 5k course in a complete Pickle Suit.  He said later how difficult that is because there’s absolutely no range of motion in the thing, of course. Very cool.

The race took place at Ridley Creek State Park, on what was actually a perfect day. The weather was slightly-warm! The race had a few options, too. There was a 5k course, a 4.5-mile all-pavement course, and also a pavement+trail course. Being the constant-challenger that I am, I opted to shake things up and do the Pavement+Trail option. 🙂  A total of 430 people did the race, and it was definitely huge. The first 1/4 mile was full of me and Joe passing tons of people who started in front of us to do the 5k.  It was really great to have Joe to encourage me to be a bit aggressive there, as I’d probably just have gone a bit slower. The race was :allegedly: 3.5 miles on the pavement, and the rest was on trails.

Oh and I wore my Vibram Fivefingers for this race! Nevermind the fact that I had never done a full-on trail race, nor ran more than 3.25 miles (at one time) in them!  A ton of people kinda stared at me in them, and definitely noticed how I ran differently than them and how they looked. I loved it. Joe mentioned at one point that I make more noise on the ground with them right now than other people do- I’ll get better with that in time.   But yeah, the road portion was pretty dang fast running, I believe.  Next, the trail part was a blast. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I kept up a great pace even in the woods. The Vibrams really were a null factor, after I got used to how I had to be careful of the things I stepped on.  I just kept running at a fast pace. Until of course, I got winded and had to make quick stops here and there. Yeah, I’m a newbie to trail running.

So that was my race, kinda. What was my time? I had predicted that it’d take me 00:35:07 (hr:min:sec) to do the 4.3-mile course, but man was I off!  I crossed the finish line at 00:30:17, roughly. I am still awaiting my results to be posted to the Pickle Run Website.  Apparently my run was very fast. I hope it really was 4.3, but I dunno.

Frank saw that I was (planning) to ride my road bike from the event to Villanova, and thought that was great. As he put it, he wanted to make my backpack even heavier; he gave me one of the pickle awards! Nevermind the fact that the reason was because nobody stuck around who deserved to take their awards home… So, I got a weird pickle [snow-globe?] in a jar.  Thanks, Frank!

Today I’m quite sore.. It’s a good thing my plan is to just sit at home and do homework all day, I think!

Have a good one!


[Update]: You can see the official results here. I may have been >4 minutes off from my predicted time, but I also had my race time put me in the top ten finishers (of 160 for that distance).  Go Joe and I! Joe beat me by about half a minute, and we definitely ran together for most of the course.


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