Georgia Marathon

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Hey everybody,

Boy, do I love Sundays! My brain gets a chance to relax (at least partially), I can sleep in, and I can let my leg muscles heal… You got it, I’m healing from a brutal 11-mile run that I did as part of my Georgia Marathon training.

Yesterday morning (at 7:30am), Orlin, Ed and I (Philadelphia’s GA Marathon Team Raisin Hope crew) set out on a decently-long run in Valley Green. On any normal day, Valley Green (Wissahickon Valley Park) is an absolutely awesome place that I really think is a slice of heaven. But yesterday, it was full of snow and downed trees. And ice. And if it hadn’t been for the fact that I was recovering from some sort of ankle injury, I might have thought it was just fine. But no, it was instead a real challenge not to roll my ankles or fall! The three of us kept up an excellent pace, too. But ya know, with me being all brain-damaged (jk) and everything, it was exhausting. So much brainpower was necessary to make sure that not only did I run fast, but that I didn’t fall or place my foot in the wrong place!  I resigned, for a little bit. So we climbed out of the valley and did some road running.

Yeah, we did road running in Mt. Airy and Chestnut hill. But you know, if you’re trying to make it so that you don’t put yourself further from the city, it’s really challenging to run in that area! Or, at least it was for me/us. After what appeared to be 2 loops around backroads, and crossing Lincoln Drive twice, we were just like, “should we start actually heading in some direction?”. Well, the direction we wanted to head was back towards the city. Somehow, we found ourselves saying this right at the intersection of Lincoln Drive and some road (see map). Somebody had the gutsy idea to just cautiously run on Lincoln Drive… Somehow, I agreed.

For those who don’t know about Lincoln Drive, it’s one of those twisty-windy roads that follows a creek (Wissahickon Creek). It’s also just about the most direct route to take if you’re trying to get into the city without taking a highway, from some parts of Montgomery County. Oh and what Ed and Orlin may have forgotten: there are very few drivers who actually follow the 35-mph speed limit. That’s probably because there’s no shoulder and no possible way for policemen to pull cars over on this trucks-prohibited road.

So we ran. Fortunately, it was as if the right lane was out of commission due to a good amount of snow not having been plowed over the median. So, we just ran as close to the (virtual) shoulder as fast as we could, while some cars had to slow behind us to get into the left lane. Yeah, during the mile that we ran on Lincoln, we kept up blazing speeds ranging from 5:40 – 7:20 min/mile pace. It didn’t even feel like we were running all that fast.. There’s adrenaline for you.

We ran to the entrance of the ‘historic rittenhouse town’ and managed to wind that back to the entrance of the Wissahickon Valley Park. From there, we returned to the downed-trees and ice, while making funny comments about groups of runners and bikers we saw heading in the opposite direction. Ahh.

By mile ten, we had made it back to Kelly Drive/Ridge Ave, and we enjoyed the paved running/riding trail. All of us pretty much expected that we’d return to our homes and await impending disaster: some sort of ankle injuries. Or at least me and Ed thought that.  I’m still waiting for my ankles to scream at me, 24 hours later! Maybe they won’t. Crossing fingers. For the stats of the run, click here.

I’m really pleased to be able to say that I’ve paid my dues and registered for the Georgia Marathon. I :just: got some much-awaited funds and could begin to pay off the important things that I have coming up for my jam-packed March.

March includes:

  • a trip to Oklahoma for my awesome friend Derek’s wedding
  • my teaching certification exam
  • the Georgia Marathon
  • the National Science Teachers Association’s Philadelphia conference
  • Winter term final exams
  • the Philadelphia FIRST Regional robotics competition

With all this stuff going on, I wonder if I’ll become nocturnal. Or broke! I’ll update you about each of these things as my planning and March continues.

I hope you’re doing excellent! I’m looking for sponsors for my Raisin Hope marathon experience – please consider donating to the Raisin Hope Foundation, which aims to improve the lives of brain injury survivors and their families. If you’d like to know more about how to help, please send me a message by using the link at the top of this page.

Have a great one~



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